Purple Trailing Plants can be a fantastic addition to indoor spaces, especially for that regal charm in the decor!

Perfect for hanging baskets or shelves, these purple trailing plants add a vibrant splash of color to your indoor space!

Purple Trailing Plants to Grow Indoors

1. Wandering Dude

Purple Trailing Plants

The leaves of these purple trailing plants are a striking combination of deep purple and silver, with a zebra-like pattern that adds an eye-catching element to the indoor decor.

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2. Purple Heart

This plant is popular for its rich purple foliage, offering a deep, almost velvety texture. Its flowers are delicate and bright pink, creating a lovely contrast against the dark leaves.

3. Purple Passion Plant

Purple Trailing Plants 2

The leaves are uniquely fuzzy and boast a vibrant purple hue, with hints of green under bright light. It also produces orange flowers.

4. Persian Shield

Purple Trailing Plants 5

Its leaves are a mix of purple, silver, and green, with a metallic sheen that’s truly eye-catching. While it rarely blooms indoors, its blue flowers look stunning!

5. String of Hearts

Purple Trailing Plants 8

The heart-shaped leaves are variegated with shades of green, silver, and a deep purple underside. It blooms with small, purple, lantern-like flowers.

6. Oxalis

This plant is famous for its triangular, deep purple leaves that fold down at night. It produces light lavender or pink flowers.

7. Black Heart Sweet Potato Vine

Purple Trailing Plants 12

Noted for its dark purple and almost black leaves, this vine adds dramatic color to indoor plantings.

8. Hoya Collina

Easy to look after, this beautiful trailing plant has a red-purple hue in the leaves that gets intense as the plant ages. Make sure it gets plenty of sunlight for a deeper color.