A cost-effective solution for enhancing the vitality of your calla lily plant involves the addition of a specific ingredient. Let’s discover what it is.


In our homes, the presence of plants on balconies or indoors serves not only as decorative elements but also as practical contributors, releasing pleasant scents and absorbing humidity to prevent mold and condensation.

Calla: characteristics and curiosities

Among the common plants for home use, calla lilies stand out with their large triangular leaves, easy cultivation, and evergreen nature. The name “calla” itself, derived from the Greek term “kalòs,” translates to beautiful. The plant’s elegant flowers, reminiscent of an ear of corn, contribute to its reputation as an elegant and refined choice. Its endurance as a cut flower in vases, with proper care, adds to its allure.

Calla: here's the ingredient to save money

The flowering period of calla lilies extends from May-June to September, with bulbs typically available for sale between September and December. To promote vigorous growth, daily watering is recommended. However, a lesser-known secret to ensuring resilience and a glossy appearance involves a special ingredient.

Calla: here's the ingredient to save money

Rice water proves to be a valuable aid in fortifying and beautifying calla lilies. To use it, soak rice until starch is released and collect the water by draining the rice into a container. This rice water can be applied directly to the soil or used in a spray bottle to wash and impart a vibrant shine to the leaves of your calla lily. This simple method not only strengthens the plant but also prevents yellowing, leaving your neighbors envious of your thriving, radiant flora.

Calla: here's the ingredient to save money

While this technique can potentially benefit other similar plants, it is advisable to seek guidance from an expert or research whether rice water is suitable for the specific plant in question before application.