Growing garlic at home is one of the simplest and seemingly magical endeavors. Today, we’ll guide you on cultivating garlic without soil—right in water.

How often have you found yourself with slightly aged garlic, already sprouting new shoots? Follow these instructions carefully to learn how to cultivate garlic in water.

  1. Select Sprouting Garlic Cloves: Choose garlic cloves that have already started to sprout. Opt for the healthiest cloves, ensuring they are not rotten or damaged.
  2. Place in a Glass or Jar: Put the sprouting garlic cloves in a glass or a glass jar with the sprout end facing upward.
  3. Add Room Temperature Water: Pour room temperature water into the glass, covering the garlic cloves halfway. Be cautious not to submerge them entirely, as this may lead to rotting.
  4. Sunlit Windowsill Placement: Position the glass or jar on the inner sill of a window for 4-7 days, ensuring it receives ample sunlight.
  5. Monitor and Change Water: Keep an eye on the water, and if it becomes too dark, change it. To do this, remove the garlic cloves with clean hands, empty the glass, reposition the cloves, and add fresh water.
  6. Grow Garlic Shoots: Allow the garlic shoots to grow to a height of approximately 7 cm or more. These garlic shoots can be utilized for cooking or as a flavorful addition to dishes.

Growing garlic in water is not only a practical way to ensure a fresh supply but also a fascinating and visually appealing process. Give it a try, and enjoy the convenience of having homegrown garlic at your fingertips.