Roses are undoubtedly among the most beautiful and appreciated flowers, capable of embellishing our balconies and gardens with different colors and giving a touch of elegance. To have beautiful and healthy roses , however, particular precautions must be followed.

Once you have chosen one of the hundreds of varieties and colors of roses, you need to start worrying about their cultivation, and to do so you need to take into account many different factors.

Potted roses can be planted all year round, as long as they are not placed in places subject to frost. If you decide to grow them outdoors, the best time of year is autumn, when the soil is still warm and facilitates the formation of roots.

  1. Roses prefer ventilated but not windy locations, and it is recommended not to plant them closer than 30 centimeters from walls or walls which can contribute to drying the air around them.
  2. The soil should be slightly clayey and not too sandy, to be able to be enriched with specific nutrients or compost.
  3. To stimulate the growth of the plant and reduce the damage caused by frosts, it is suggested to cover the soil with leaves or dung directly at the time of cultivation.
  4. Before planting roses, place them in a bucket of water overnight.
  5. Mix the soil well and make a hole large enough to plant the rose and allow its roots to grow and spread properly.
  6. Plant the rose at such a depth that the graft (i.e. the knotty part from which the branches emerge) is about 5 centimeters below the ground.
  7. Water thoroughly after planting the rose.

Choose a compost or fertilizer rich in magnesium and potassium, but low in nitrogen. Reduce the amount of fertilizer after the first few weeks, otherwise the shoots will grow too quickly and will not resist winter frosts.

By following these suggestions, our balconies or gardens will have colorful and beautiful roses throughout the spring.