All it takes is some banana peels and a bottle of water to make something unexpected happen: try it now.

bottled banana peels

very easy trick that uses banana peels as the main ingredient and a classic bottle of water. The properties of this organic waste are many, which is why it should never be thrown away. The trick explained by the experts is to be used especially in spring or summer, but there is no doubt that it is also very useful in winter. How to do it and what is it for? Let’s clarify.

The benefits of banana peel

Banana peels are organic waste, often thrown away without giving them the possibility of a second life. They should never be thrown away but reused, even if its smell is not exactly pleasant.

n most cases it is used as a fertilizer for plants , being natural and with a higher content of mineral salts and vitamins. It helps plants nourish and hydrate, facilitating growth and flowering.

ripe bananas

The major properties are the antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory actions, to be exploited for gardening and wellness as well as for the makeup used by experts. That’s not all, few people know that they can also be excellent for reducing the burning sensation of some insect bites.

A simple application and pressure on the affected area promotes rapid healing with a natural soothing action. Rich in essential minerals, the peel is also often used as an ingredient for face and hair masks. A natural dose of this organic waste for every type of need.

Banana peels: the expert method