By watering the soil with these ingredients we will have double the normal yield of fruit and vegetables. Here’s what it is.

water the plants with this

On the shelves of supermarkets and our trusted greengrocers , we find fresh fruit and vegetables every day and many of these are used on our tables for our dishes.

In Italy, the consumption of vegetables is very important, as many of these fruit and vegetables are used and consumed in the famous Mediterranean diet and therefore we tend to choose the best products.

Soil: here’s what to use to double your harvest

Every fruit, like every vegetable, has its season, even if some are present all year round but you have to be careful to look for some that are of quality and whose price is not exorbitant.

In recent times, in fact, we have had a huge increase in prices and many ingredients that we use for our dishes have become very expensive, some of which have even tripled in price.

One of the reasons was also due to the drought that hit our country, due to the high temperatures that occurred during the summer season which meant that the harvest was lower than in previous years.

Soil: The ingredient that doubles your yield

Thus, growers found themselves with a smaller amount of products to sell and offer and therefore had to keep up by raising the price, as those few products sold required a lot of maintenance to grow.

But not everyone knows that the most expert growers use certain methods to ensure that their harvest grows exponentially and can even double thanks to some fertilizers.

In nature, there are fertilizers that tend to make fruit and vegetables develop more quickly and by doing this you can obtain a greater harvest which would also benefit the consumer.

The useful ingredient for farmers

The¬†ingredient¬†that is most popular and tends to make fruit and vegetables develop faster¬†is¬†powdered¬†brewer¬†‚Äės¬†yeast¬†which,¬†combined with water, creates a real useful fertilizer for¬†vegetables¬†and¬†fruit¬†trees¬†.

In a jar of water, two sachets of powdered brewer’s yeast must be added to which a teaspoon of sugar must be added which is used to ensure that it activates and functions as a fertilizer.

The yeast will not only help vegetables and fruits, but due to its fungicidal action, it will fight diseases that could occur and avoid the formation of mold.

Soil: The ingredient that doubles your yield

Furthermore, the sugar will tend to make the yeast work immediately and the plant , absorbing everything, will grow luxuriant, producing tastier fruits in greater quantities than expected.

This method is just one of those tested by more expert growers who also use blended eggshells to put in the soil, to ensure that the plants have a greater calcium intake and become stronger.

So, if you have fruit plants or vegetables to grow, perhaps having a vegetable garden on the balcony at home, you can opt for these solutions.