Garlic is a plant in the same family as onions, leeks and shallots. Garlic on plants can bring great benefits.

It is grown in large areas of the world and is widely used in cooking, but you will be surprised at what it does to plants. Regarding its origin, it is said to have arrived in the Near East about four thousand years ago from Central Asia. While its use in India and Egypt is documented in the third millennium BC

Garlic and nutrition

Garlic contains significant amounts of certain micronutrients such as manganese, vitamin B6, vitamin C and selenium, and is low in calories. It is rich in polyphenols and other antioxidant substances, which further increase in black garlic (obtained through a transformation of white garlic at constant temperature and humidity)

Garlic has many benefits and properties that we can exploit in our orchard or garden. In addition to being an essential food in our kitchen, it is easy to plant and grow. It is a medicinal plant that we can grow ourselves.

These properties of garlic will allow us to give it a variety of uses in our garden. Protects trees from pest infestations.

Garlic helps repel parasites such as aphids or spider mites from our fruit trees and plants, preventing fungal attacks. Simply plant garlic around fruit trees.

Garlic in plants

Furthermore, we can combine garlic with other crops and thus prevent the onset of parasites in the garden.

Growing garlic in the garden is very beneficial for other plants, especially if you want to grow tomatoes, since it is a natural bactericide and fungicide. The plant acts as a repellent for the parasites that normally attack them. It will repel nematodes. It is also used in carrot and strawberry crops. Planted between carrots it helps us repel the carrot fly.

Garlic infusion against aphids

An excellent home remedy for repelling aphids, garlic infusion makes them disappear from our plants, without the need for toxic and polluting chemicals.

Remedies with garlic should be applied at dawn or dusk, as the compound degrades with temperature and sunlight, we will do this for about 5 days.

Garlic on plants as a fungicide.

To prepare our insecticide, blend a head of garlic with some cloves together with two glasses of water to obtain a very homogeneous mixture.

Leave to rest for a day and then mix in 3 liters of water. The mixture can be sprayed directly on the leaves of the plants.

Garlic bulbs on plants as insecticide

Garlic is an ingredient of a powerful insecticide called APICHI, which is used to combat all soft-bodied insects such as mites, whiteflies, aphids or caterpillars, among others.

Chopped garlic in water

To create a homemade insecticide, you need to use a head of garlic, shell and peel the cloves, chop them and crush them well with a mortar. This mixture must be placed in a saucepan with 1 liter of water and left to macerate for 24 hours.

After that, boil the solution for 5 minutes, let it cool and filter it through a homemade strainer. Finally, pour the liquid obtained into a sprayer and use it like a normal insecticide.