To ensure that the lemon tree grows healthy and strong and always produces flowers and fruit, you just need to rely on this simple ingredient. 

Among the many trees that green thumb enthusiasts love to grow in their garden there is certainly the lemon tree. This tree, in fact, enriches the garden by giving beauty, color and brightness , without forgetting the excellent scent of the well-known citrus fruits. Furthermore, when the tree brings out the lemons it is truly a spectacle of nature, with the yellow of the citrus fruits making our garden even more attractive. This is why many always try to take great care of lemon trees , so as to make it bloom continuously and guarantee it strength, vigor and long life.

Lemon tree, with this solution it will grow healthy and strong

Obviously it is possible to ensure that the lemon tree grows healthy and strong, always producing flowers and fruit, with the help of some products that can easily be found on the market.

Lemon tree

However, if the intention is to opt for a natural and organic remedy that can also allow you to save money, you can rely on an ingredient that is truly a panacea for the lemon tree.

With this homemade organic fertilizer it will be possible to accelerate the growth of the lemon tree, improving root development . In this way we will be able to regulate the pH of the soil, increasing the fertility of the soil.

Long story short, with this natural remedy the lemon tree will grow stronger and healthier. Even slightly more battered trees will return to producing a lot of foliage thanks to the nutrients and minerals – especially nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and iron – guaranteed by this fertilizer, which we can prepare with just a few simple steps.

The first thing we need to do is take a jug and fill it with a liter of water. Once this is done we must obtain the fundamental ingredient for our lemon tree, namely oats .

In fact, we must add four teaspoons of powdered oatmeal to the jug of water, completing with a good stir.

Once this operation has also been completed, let’s add a teaspoon of cinnamon powder and a teaspoon of brown sugar, mixing everything carefully.

After mixing well we must use a cloth to cover the jug with the freshly prepared solution inside, leaving the fertilizer to rest for two days in a warm place.

We pour the fertilizer onto the soil

After two days we can proceed with the second phase. We take the jug, remove the cloth and pour the organic fertilizer into a bucket which we have filled with five liters of water.

Fertilizer for plants

Once this is done, mix well and we will obtain the extremely beneficial solution for our lemon tree.

At this point all that remains is to start pouring the solution onto the soil of the lemon tree, so as to get this nutrient-rich remedy directly to the roots.

Given the known beneficial properties of the ingredients used, we can pour organic fertilizer on any type of plant . The result will always be very satisfactory: within a short time we will see the plants grow healthy and lush. The operation must be repeated approximately every two weeks.